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“Thanks for ur submission we appreciate it very much. "I Wish" is very good song. The music production is high quality. The lead singer is smooth, suave and has a powerful sounding voice. Peace!”

D. Black - GRM Radio

“Track 1: "Love Ain't Dead" and neither is this track. It is R&B turned up a notch. This fast paced tune has a smooth soulful vibe that will causes listeners bodies to do nothing but sway left and right to the hook that is will remind fans of the hits to come out of the T-Pain camp. Track 6: "More" is the title track placed amongst the album to remind people what they want, more. Again with the continuous theme of expressive delivery, R'Chive brings about a song that has a great intro that instantly grabs attentions and never lets go due to the hooks of each chorus. Track 9: "Wifey" is a romantic song that has an edge to it. the heart and soul of the chorus, "All I ever wanted was a down ass chick" has a ring to it that will catch people by surprise. Nevertheless, this is a love song with passionate vocals accompanied by a graceful arrangement that will remind fans of the likes of 112 and Jagged Edge.”

“R'Chive's More is just enough mix of R&B with some Hip-Hop nuances to satisfy the senses, but as the last track fades, listeners will indeed be wanting more. From the upbeat club hit "Tell Me" featuring Swann, to the ultra smooth sounds of "Let Me In," R'Chive covers all the bases to deliver an album that has all the elements to accompany audiences everywhere from the dance floor to the other side of the bedroom door. Fans of Carl Thomas and Musiq will want R'Chive has to offer in the ways of soul with his album More. ”

“hey you got a good voice u remind me of Dave Hollister. Good Job!!! 4 stars"

“Your Voice is So good and songs are GREAT!!! 5 stars”

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